Refund and Cancellation Policy

Our Refund Policy

Live Deftsoft (P) Ltd., has a clear Refund Policy based on standardized practices and as per the latest industrial norms. We follow fair assessment practices to refund claims. We have set parameters to practice justified and mutually agreeable solutions. Our policies are treated with appropriate measures to settle different claims, originating from different assortments of needs and various business situations.

Coverage & Scope

When you file a complaint to Deftsoft, we first try to provide an ideal solution to the issue you are facing. Your case is first introduced to the technical team and then reported further to the experts panel. Refund is only made in the extreme circumstances, when nothing good can be done to solve the issue.

  • While planning for refunds we check the validity of the case, applying different conditions to it. If these conditions are satisfied, refund may apply*.
  • In case of dissatisfaction or any other development dispute, refund can't be claimed. The issues with the project are beyond the scope of rectification/resolution/fixing.
  • We don't violate any agreement condition which was signed before accepting the order.
  • The client's can't use any information or our resources during the duration of their project development. For example: Server space, domain name etc.
  • The project refund can be claimed only till 3 working days after taking the placed order back. The refund of money can be claimed (in case you discontinue the project with us) only if the development is in initial phase.
  • In case of mobile apps, there is no claim for the dissatisfaction of UI/UX Design.
  • The claim does not arise from any billing dispute coming from your bank or payment vendor

Note: If you fail to produce related documents, claim will be considered void. The decision on refunds is final and irrevocable. How The Refund Takes Place?

  • Refund query is processed, analyzed and checked for veracity
  • Match the query with the agreeable parameters and valid reference points
  • Arrange for refunds in permissible situations and settle fully or partly, as the case may be

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of service renewals for on-going website promotion, website marketing services must be made at least 7 business days prior to the end of the current service period. Requests received after the specified duration of time period will be treated as cancellation of services. You need to Request Cancellation through proper channel and by giving a confirmation in written to cancel your service (service name and duration must be mentioned in the letter). After receiving the cancellation request the entire amount or any deduction will be refunded via original method of payment which might take time.

Note: There will be no extra payment in case of delays.